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Hi! My name is Jeanne-Riëtte and I’m so happy that you’ve arrived at my little spot on the internet!

A Proudly South African Family Lifestyle Blog

I’m a lover of all things that make life beautiful – food, wine and joy! I’m a mommy to two beautiful boys, a business owner, a wife and most of the time I’m just trying to make my way through life in Johannesburg, South Africa, one day at a time.

So, on this blog you’ll find plenty of fantastic, fuss-free and family friendly recipes. I know how little time there is to figure out what to cook, nevermind trying to keep it healthy and juggling everyone’s likes and wants! I’m no Masterchef – I just really enjoy cooking (most days), keeping it fresh, healthy and balanced.

Essentially, I like to experiment on my family with all kinds of recipes! Keeping it simple, I’m always trying out easy and nutritious dinners from anywhere I find the inspiration. You’ll find a whole collection here of kid friendly, delicious meals that suit a busy mom’s life.

But it’s definitely not all cooking! It’s also a family lifestyle blog. Look around and you’ll find wine (lots of it), restaurants, wellness, entertainment, inspiration and joy – all the good vibes, finding happiness into our everyday lives.

Every now and then, you’ll find me telling a story, or discussing work things, soul things or life lesson things. As modern women, we switch between a multitude of different roles on any given day and there are so many different facets to our lives.

I think that in every woman, there’s a glow… it’s the glow of the little temperature light on the oven when I’m cooking something delicious, it’s the glow of pride watching your children play and grow. It’s the flame of passion when you’re achieving your goals in doing something that you love. The slow burning fire of love. The bonfire you gather around with good friends and a glass of wine.

When you feel like everything has become too much, it’s the soft glow of the embers in your heart that help you keep going. It’s everywhere you go… everywhere you glow.

Every person and every place has a story. I love writing and you’ll generally find me scribbling something in a notebook, tapping away on the phone or reading. Lots and lots of reading! I hope to share stories that inspire, that fuel flames of fun and adventure, shining a light of positivity, living a glowing life! You can read my ramblings about life in the “Life” section of the blog (groundbreaking, I know).

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Other than writing, I also love research, photography and pretty much anything that goes along with it. You can contact me for:

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