Month: May 2017

Honey & Mustard smoked pork neck with roast vegetables & butter beans

Our resident vegan is in the house so we have loads of veggies!

Smoked pork neck in honey mustard sauce
Butternut, sweet potato, baby potato, baby carrots, brussels sprouts oven roasted
Butter beans

Chicken meatballs with tagliatelle & homemade Napoli sauce

This Monday calls for some comfort food! One big little boy with bronchitis and a long week ahead!

Some juicy chicken meatballs – chicken mince, bread crumbs, parsley, an egg
Napoli sauce – diced tomatoes, thyme, onion, garlic
(Gluten free) Tagliatelle
Add parmesan, chilli, salt and pepper to your heart’s content!
As for me, wine is poured and I’m off to make a Peter Pan outfit.

Roast fish & vegetables

Fishy fishy Fursday! We have a vegan in the house so today’s dinner is all out partly vegan, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free… how fun does that sound? But it’s still yummy and you can always add cheese.

Roasted fish – lemon juice, thyme
Roasted veg – sweet potato, broccoli, mielies, baby carrots, baby spinach
Chickpeas with a teeny bit of vinegar
Olive oil, salt, black pepper on everything!

Chicken breast baked in tomato & basil cream sauce with braised green vegetables and roast baby potatoes

A happy hump day!
Dinner today is chicken breast baked in tomato, basil & cream (I use coconut cream) with roasted baby potatoes & braised green leafy stuff.
Shout if you need an actual recipe, but this is an easy one!
Whole chicken breasts, salt, pepper, olive oil.
Baby potatoes, parsley.
Sauce: onion, garlic, tomato paste, tin chopped tomatoes, paprika, handful fresh basil.
Greens: baby leeks, baby spinach, peas (pan fry until peas are cooked)
That’s that! Let me know if you have made it, any yummy changes (you can add bacon to the veg too), send a photo of the wine you opened while cooking, like, share etc!

Caldo Verde – Green Soup

I had to cheat with my first meal because we’re watching my Big Little Boy play a soccer match. I cooked this yesterday and it will be even better today!
This is absolutely my favourite soup – to be eaten steaming hot with warm and toasty ciabatta! Caldo verde (Portuguese Green Soup) which of course nobody can make better than my Portuguese family!
Here is a link to a good recipe – but I added the chorizo after blending the potatoes, it’s much better with the whole slices.

Even though it does contain lots of kale, it has been tested on children and they absolutely love it! Verde

Starting a blog!

1. I love my family!

2. I looove food! When I’m not eating, I’m looking up things to cook, when I’m not cooking, I’m talking about what’s for dinner.

3. Anyone who knows my amazing husband, knows that he pretty much plans his life around 3 square meals a day.

Point being, I cook just about every day (except for Pizza Friday which could be any day of the week that necessitates a take away), I like to change things up, we try to keep it mostly healthy (besides we have a vegan to feed too!).
So due to popular demand and in the spirit of Sharing is Caring, I am sharing my family’s yummy dinners throughout the week. We’re not trying to be fancy, I’m no Masterchef, we may have the occasional flop but it will be… for fun! For inspiration! For food’s sake…. and don’t forget the wine!
Please follow, share, comment, ask, chat and enjoy!

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