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What’s Cooking This Week? Download the Meal Planner!

Start counting sleeps

Nevermind cooking for this week… it’s just about time to start looking forward to Christmas! I’m not really ready to start looking back on the year just yet, save to say that it has been a rollercoaster, eventful, surprising, stressful but wonderful one!

We have just come back from a lovely, week long family holiday in Mpumalanga. I had time to relax, catch a few rays of sun on my nearly translucent winter skin and think up lots of ideas for the blog (and of course for business). The mind never actually stops working on something or other!

See what’s cooking this week

Those early birds who have subscribed over the past few weeks would have received the brand spanking new and gorgeously colourful Meal Planner in a new email format today! Yay for you!

In case you haven’t signed up just yet, you can do so *right now* on the home page in the “sign up” bar… and of course, you can get this week’s planner right here!

MammaChefJozi Meal Plan Nov201701

November’s first meal planner

It’s all free because I want to help everyone eat better, cook better and feel better! The only thing I ask is for you to keep giving me all your feedback, photos and ideas to make this little idea be the best that it possibly can!

Last week’s meal planner was introduced with fanfare as we were featured on one of my absolute favourite blogs, Mom of Two Little Girls! It’s such an honour to be featured in this brilliant series by someone I completely admire and adore! Link to her post here.

You can also download last week’s printable meal planner on my post here!

Looking forward

The fun thing is that this week, we will be cooking together (if you choose to start on Monday) and you will see my photos pop up as we go along! Hopefully I can stick to my own recipes! Please don’t be shy to post your photos in the comments on Facebook and also share any tasty changes or additions you have made. I love, love, love all your yummy ideas too.

Our recipe cards are all ready to go too! Subscribers can download and print them now, stick up on your fridge or whatever works!

If you are not subscribed I am sad to say you will have to wait until the week’s roundup to get the recipe cards. On the menu this week is:


Chicken Fillet Burger


Seafood Rice & Chorizo (the easy version)


Parmesan Chicken Strips & Roast Vegetables


Bacon Spinach & Sundried Tomato Pasta


Speaking of imminent holidays, I have decided that my little layer of winter blubber also needs to disappear before beach time. Yes, my guys love me just the way I am but I like to be comfortable in my own skin. I don’t have a whole lot to lose, but I don’t have much time either! First step is lots of water.

More on that later though, for now I need to go shopping! Wishing you a beautiful week!

Our New Look Meal Planner – Specially Designed to Make Life Easier

Mamma’s on Holiday!

As we speak, my boys and I are in the car listening to Guns n Roses “November Rain” with SuperDad’s trusty driving skills taking us all the way to Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge.

This is a much needed break and one that we have been looking forward to with so much excitement! The boys had no idea we were going until we were on the road leaving Joburg this morning! We haven’t had any kind of decent time off and it has been a highly eventful, super busy year for us.

Hopefully you are following all my little adventures and musings on Facebook and Instagram as well and you can expect to see all our holiday food and fun!

I am not leaving you with nothing to cook though!

Over the course of last week I emailed to some of my earlybird followers, the brand new MammaChef Jozi Meal Planner and AND super cool recipe cards! I am uploading all of them here for you as well but if you want to be one of the lucky ones to receive it in advance so that you can get your shopping done, you can comment here with your email address and I will add you to the list. It’s still free!

I am so proud of these, beautifully designed by my nearly life long friend, Karen, The Mistress of Brand – Organic Identity.

Without further ado then (because I am also navigating and the we might end up in Mozambique)…

The Very First Meal Planner and Recipe Cards

Click the heading to download the recipe card.

Gnocchi with secret lentils


Broccoli & Beef Stirfry


Roast Chicken & Stuffed Butternut


MammaChefJozi Italian Tuna Pasta

Download the week’s meal planner (which includes a handy shopping list) MammaChefJozi Meal Plan 16Oct2017.

Have an amazing week and remember to comment with your email address to join us!

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