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Defying Gravity With The Air Hogs Zero Gravity Lazer

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

As my mommy brain was trying to field the questions from my little researchers, this is the quote that came to mind when they discovered the Zero Gravity Lazer racer from Air Hogs! A laser controlled car that speeds around on the walls?! Even on the roof?! How? What’s this?

defying gravity air hogs zero gravity lazer racecar toy review mammachefjozi

Using patented Wall Climber Technology, the lightweight vehicle drives on floors, up walls and even upside down on the ceiling! With super fast speed and agility, the Zero Gravity Lazer racecar chases the LED light from the controller in any and every direction you want.

All you do is point the controller’s LED light onto a smooth surface within 30 cm of the car and it follows instantly! Fortunately the Zero Gravity Lazer recharges its battery quickly via USB cable, so it can power up to race all day long! Our experiment even included donuts up and down the wall! Yes… it’s really THAT cool!

It’s an exciting Christmas or birthday gift for younger kids, older kids, heck even for mom and dad (let’s be honest, it’s that cool!). Therefore I guarantee, this won’t be one of those that gets played with once and then stuffed into a drawer.

Zero Gravity Gift For Everyone!

Of course you’re now wondering what the pricetag is for endless fun and mindboggling zero gravity high speed action. Well, it’s available for only R699.99 from Hamleys, Toyzone, Toy Kingdom and Takealot. This year, you will easily be the one who gave the coolest gift! The gift of Zero Gravity Lazer!

defying gravity air hogs zero gravity lazer racer review drive on roof mammachefjozi

So, we were given the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Lazer to review as a #tradeexchange. Thank you to Just Fun Toys and Captive Conversations – it really is awesome! However I was a bit concerned about the body breaking or cracking because it is so light and the plastic is quite bendy. Even with that said, it has withstood some dramatic crashes from dizzying heights though, so its flexibility has definitely helped.

We’re thinking of buying a blue one so that we can race along the walls! LOL!

air hogs zero gravity lazer racecar toy review mammachefjozi

Oh, PS. When you buy this as a Christmas gift, please remember to buy 3 AAA batteries for the controller too! There’s just nothing worse than the face of disappointment on a kid when they open the best gift on earth and can’t play because of batteries. So be nice 🙂

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