Ted Talk by Diana Nyad

Ted Talk by Diana Nyad

This morning I listened to a Ted Talk that gave me goosebumps. Diana Nyad is the first person ever to swim from Cuba to Florida. Since the 1950’s, many of the world’s best swimmers had tried and failed to conquer the 180km swim. 

On her fifth attempt at age 60, she finally succeeded and delivers an incredible talk about how she “boldly and fearlessly” went after her dream. 

This is a relatively short talk, but so eloquent and powerful that it leaves a lasting, intense impression on listeners. 

My favourite quote from it is when she talks about the team motto for the year, which was “Find a way”. Please do yourself a favour and watch the talk here. 

Close to home 

A motto which I teach my boys is “Never give up” and I have often experienced the effect of the perseverance it has created – whether in schoolwork, a soccer goal in the last minute, or actually hearing my son say “Mommy, I kept telling myself never to give up!”.

To me, whether you are bold and fearless, quietly confident, or approach every new challenge with childlike excitement, what matters is that you chase your dreams and never, ever give up!

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