Starting a blog!

1. I love my family!

2. I looove food! When I’m not eating, I’m looking up things to cook, when I’m not cooking, I’m talking about what’s for dinner.

3. Anyone who knows my amazing husband, knows that he pretty much plans his life around 3 square meals a day.

Point being, I cook just about every day (except for Pizza Friday which could be any day of the week that necessitates a take away), I like to change things up, we try to keep it mostly healthy (besides we have a vegan to feed too!).
So due to popular demand and in the spirit of Sharing is Caring, I am sharing my family’s yummy dinners throughout the week. We’re not trying to be fancy, I’m no Masterchef, we may have the occasional flop but it will be… for fun! For inspiration! For food’s sake…. and don’t forget the wine!
Please follow, share, comment, ask, chat and enjoy!

Posted on: May 20, 2017mammachefjozi

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