What on earth is a Muppie and why you need to know!

What on earth is a Muppie and why you need to know!

The Latest Buzz – Muppie Lounge

Muppie Lounge, #MuppieMummie, Muppie everything and anything that’s funky and chilled and happy! If you haven’t heard one of these terms, you must have been living under a rock. Time to get informed and on trend!

Muppie Lounge LogoThis is a gorgeous range of uniquely designed casual t-shirts and other clothing items for the woman who wants something different, relaxed but noticeable and creative.

The woman behind this range is an absolutely stunning (inside and out) mother of four little kids, yes you read that right. She designs every adorable character by hand, mostly with charcoal, each one with it’s own story. She chooses the products, manages every single aspect of the business, including the website (online store) and blog. The only part she outsources is the labelling and printing.

Giving back

Labelling, cutting and sizing is done by a non-profit organisation called Bibi Hearts. Their focus is providing essential items for children with cancer in hospitals and job creation for abused women, the elderly and disabled people. Printing is entrusted to a small business which is close to her heart that also handles the printing for her ministry activities.

The secret ingredient is Love

"Date Night" from the Robot Range
“Date Night” from the Robot Range

Just before your item is shipped to it’s loving new home, she takes the time to personally write a postcard.

When your item arrives safely in your hands and you open the beautiful packaging, you can just sense the huge amount of love that went into creating it!

I was fortunate enough to receive my very own Muppie Lounge gifts from the first range – which is the robot range. What made my gift especially special, was that I received an item that isn’t even available to the public just yet! Yes, I can proudly say that MammaChef Jozi is officially the very first owner of a Muppie Lounge Robot Apron! I have also been eyeing the tablecloths and I’m sure more foodie/cooking related items will be added in future.

Muppie Style

The tees are really not your run of the mill t-shirts. The styles are feminine and can easily be dressed up or down. As much as she insists that they are casual mom-wear, they really have a sense of chique to them. Of course, we never forget about the little ones. Kiddies can have their own share of the Muppie Love too! Just saying, I’ve received my Christmas packages already… shhhh!

MammaChef Jozi wearing Muppie Lounge apronI honestly can’t wait to see what the next range will be. Each customer gets the VIP treatment, but it’s also the creativity, the quality, the passion and the absolute pleasure of dealing with Muppie Lounge that makes me a loyal customer and a proud #MuppieMummie.

The gifts I received as inspiration for this post got me hooked.

Muppie Lounge has a very user friendly, easy to navigate online store. You are able to browse to your delight and purchase safely and conveniently. The deliveries are done in a flash too.

Some of my Muppie Moments and highlights in the gallery below.


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