A Must Try South African Braai (or any time) Classic

A Must Try South African Braai (or any time) Classic

The Braai Broodjie

I have always loved a good old, classic Braai Broodjie… The idea is that you prepare your sandwiches (broodjies) almost like you would with a toasted cheese and after your meat has been cooked on the braai, the last thing you do is place your broodjie in a folding braai grid and toast them over the coals.

I always loved the braai broodjie, that is until I had the one made by my friend, Christel (famous for her Creative Cooking features here on MammaChef Jozi). Now I am addicted to them! I don’t actually need anything else in my life, other than wine! Okay I may be taking it a bit far, but try it for yourself and you will understand.

We went away on a ladies weekend about a year ago to a lovely little cottage outside Parys in the Free State. The four of us have been friends ever since our first year out of high school, when we all enrolled for a year long diploma in Tourism Management. It was definitely one of the highlight years of my life and we have memories and stories to last us a lifetime! We also have friendships from that year to last a lifetime and the four of us try to get away together at least once a year, even though we now live some distance from eachother.

On this particular weekend, we each brought our contribution to the meal. One friend brought her braai skills, another made the wonderful salad, another brought the most amazing chicken espetadas and Christel graced us with her braai broodjies and now – I have the recipe forever immortalised on the interwebs!

Without any further delay…

The Very Best Braai Broodjie Recipe Ever

braai broodjie roasting on the grid

Best with white bread but you can also use #freshearthbakehouse#freshearthfoodstore gluten free white bread. Find their store here.

Butter the bread generously, each mm up to the edges!!! There’s always some debate about butter on the inside or outside – you can choose. I buttered the inside.

After that, spread the secret ingredient on one slice : apricot jam. If you don’t have jam, use Mrs H.S Balls Original Recipe Chutney.

Add slices of tomato on top of the jam.

Add roughly chopped up onions on top of the tomatoes.

Salt and pepper.

Add cheddar cheese on top of everything. Please don’t be shy. You can also add Mozzarella cheese.

Close in a braai grid.
Place on braai after meat was taken off. Turn frequently. Take off when outside is crisp and the cheese is melted.

Best sandwich ever!!!


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