Our New Look Meal Planner – Specially Designed to Make Life Easier

Our New Look Meal Planner – Specially Designed to Make Life Easier

Mamma’s on Holiday!

As we speak, my boys and I are in the car listening to Guns n Roses “November Rain” with SuperDad’s trusty driving skills taking us all the way to Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge.

This is a much needed break and one that we have been looking forward to with so much excitement! The boys had no idea we were going until we were on the road leaving Joburg this morning! We haven’t had any kind of decent time off and it has been a highly eventful, super busy year for us.

Hopefully you are following all my little adventures and musings on Facebook and Instagram as well and you can expect to see all our holiday food and fun!

I am not leaving you with nothing to cook though!

Over the course of last week I emailed to some of my earlybird followers, the brand new MammaChef Jozi Meal Planner and AND super cool recipe cards! I am uploading all of them here for you as well but if you want to be one of the lucky ones to receive it in advance so that you can get your shopping done, you can comment here with your email address and I will add you to the list. It’s still free!

I am so proud of these, beautifully designed by my nearly life long friend, Karen, The Mistress of Brand – Organic Identity.

Without further ado then (because I am also navigating and the we might end up in Mozambique)…

The Very First Meal Planner and Recipe Cards

Click the heading to download the recipe card.

Gnocchi with secret lentils


Broccoli & Beef Stirfry


Roast Chicken & Stuffed Butternut


MammaChefJozi Italian Tuna Pasta

Download the week’s meal planner (which includes a handy shopping list) MammaChefJozi Meal Plan 16Oct2017.

Have an amazing week and remember to comment with your email address to join us!

Posted on: October 23, 2017mammachefjozi

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