Mandela Day 

It is Mandela Day in South Africa on 18 July 2017, which would have been Nelson Mandela’s 99th birthday. 

In honour of his legacy, we encourage each person to devote 67 minutes of their time to charitable causes, giving back, making a change in communities and supports local causes. 

Having had the privilege of meeting the great man twice in my life, I completely support this initiative and I also know that his legacy is not limited to action on one day of the year. We should be doing good, in any way we can, wherever we are, every single day. 

Whether it’s smiling at someone who looks like they might be having a tough day, letting someone go ahead of you in traffic, donating used things that you don’t need anymore… share love everywhere! The world needs more love!

Madiba Day
Happy birthday, Madiba!

On Doubt

On Doubt

Every now and then, even the most positive person might feel a hint of doubt creeping in. When this happens, refocus your thoughts straight away –

remember the reasons and motivations behind your goal,

remember that nobody can do what you do quite like you,

remember that you are loved,

believe in yourself and

have faith!


Don’t look back

After having made a significant change in life, whether in business or relationships, people often find it hard to adapt. My advice would be, if you have gone on a path that you firmly believe in, if your heart is fully in it, keep pushing forward!

Look forward… look up… never look back. Have a beautiful day!

Never look back


This is a brilliant thought I picked up from a podcast I was listening to this morning. I love listening to podcasts while driving as I prefer to avoid things like news on the radio. It’s another avenue for finding inspiration, focusing on growth and feeling positive for wherever I’m heading to.

Joy Success

So instead of wealth, assets, status, fame, followers etc., what if JOY was your metric for success? How successful would you measure yourself to be today? Would the answer to this question inspire you to make massive change in your life?

Personally, I have always been guided by my heart and I truly feel that we should experience joy in every aspect of our lives… yes, even at work! When you are doing something with joy, it shows!

I would love to know what your thoughts are!

Wishing you so much joy today…


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