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Helping you find the perfect answer to that eternal question…

“What’s for Dinner?”

I’m a business owner, mommy to two beautiful little boys and wife to the real life SuperDad. I know how little time there is to figure out what to cook, nevermind trying to keep it healthy and juggling everyone’s likes and wants!

The Answer is Here!

I’m no Masterchef – just a Mamma who loves cooking for her family every day, keeping it fresh and making sure we get loads of good stuff in bodies and minds!

I cook healthy, balanced meals with fresh ingredients – healthy for the whole family and easy to cook. I know that because of the lack of time, many people take the easy way out and end up with lots of processed foods, premade sauces with tons of added sugar and sodium or boxes of stuff with ingredient lists as long as your arm and chemicals you can’t pronounce.

I want to show that it really doesn’t take a lot of time to cook from scratch and you don’t have to be a MasterChef!

I do all the work for you – with Mamma’s Weekly Meal Plan, comes 4 delicious, kids approved meals, an organised shopping list and easy to follow recipe cards. I leave one day open for my “Pizza Friday” which could be any day you need a break or have other plans.

Money saving, time saving, adding variety!

It’s meant to be fun so get the kids helping out!
It’s a guideline, chop and change whatever you like and please share your ideas and pictures with me on Facebook or Instagram too! I love receiving all the love and feedback. Best of all, it’s all free. Just sign up to get the Meal Planner and Recipe Cards in advance.

I started my food blog out of love for writing and love for food! I also love research, photography and pretty much anything that goes along with it. You are most welcome to contact me for:

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In love with my family, food, life in Johannesburg, South Africa and last but not least – wine! My intention with this site is to share healthy and easy family dinner ideas, share some of our family adventures and share good vibes!

Follow on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and of course here on the blog and feel free to share your ideas, let me know what you think, any changes you’ve made to the recipes and share the love with everyone you know who eats food!

Love, Jeanne-Riette