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Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco

Prosecco SA is delighted to introduce you to a most exciting and innovative brand, Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco – the brainchild of Amanda Thomson, an ex BBC broadcast journalist and entrepreneur. 

After making a huge impact in the UK and now making waves globally, this quality Prosecco has half the sugar of other Prosecco, is 100% organic and vegan certified. Celebrating its purity and transparency in labelling, it has effectively created a new sector in the wine industry.

thomson & scott skinny prosecco

A true innovator, the brand has been called “a gift from God” by The Times- UK.  Thomson & Scott is produced from grapes grown on the south facing slopes of the foothills of the Dolomites close to Soligo, North Eastern Italy.
It promises 100% Glera grapes, DOC Prosecco, with only 7g of sugar per litre. 

With all these benefits, plus a fabulous taste, one is able to experience the joy of sparkling wine as part of a healthy lifestyle. The alcohol levels ensure “it kicks like a mule” which just goes to show that you can still party hard, but with a conscience and less guilt, being aware of exactly what you are consuming. 

The founder and CEO of Thomson & Scott, Amanda Thomson is leading the transparency in wine movement by creating a brand that believes that consumers have a right to know what is in their wine. Food is questioned all the time in terms of ingredients and how your health is affected, yet wine labels are scant and uninformative! 

Raised as a vegetarian on a no sugar diet, Amanda believes consumers need to know exactly what they are consuming in the wine they drink too.
The production process is also a critical factor and Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco is produced to be as pure as possible.

thomson & scott skinny prosecco

A wholly vegan production process is followed in the creation of the brand and the brand does not contain any additives such as harmful pesticides or any animal-derived by-products.

So, Cut sugar. Drink better and indulge in a quality brand with integrity, without compromising on the joy associated with this great tasting, luxurious, yet affordable Prosecco!

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