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The January Experiment & The First Official Weekly Meal Plan For 2019

The first pancake is always a flop…

This is my review of January 2019. I purposefully avoided all the “new year, new me” stuff because I really do believe that every day is a chance to start over, try again, be better. I also made some huge life changes around November last year, so I felt as if I was well on my way with my goals and things. Don’t fix what ain’t broke!

What we did do was to take January to get focused on school, get used to the routine and test out what would and wouldn’t work in terms of family life in 2019.

Long story short, my January meal planning was very hit and miss! It involved some experimenting, researching and scrounging, damage control as well!


Now that it’s February however, it is officially game time! I have the first week’s meals all lined up and ready. One thing I did realise in the January experiment is that I am absolutely not a fan of meal prepping in advance. I just simply prefer freshly cooked meals.

The thing though, is that we have two evenings every week on which we arrive home late and there really isn’t time to cook a decent dinner before bedtime as well as attending to homework etc., so on Mondays and Wednesdays I have to plan for make ahead meals.

Good news is, I have definitely found a way to do this and it should all work out fabulously…. in theory!

Here’s the list of dinners for the week:

Wednesday – Grilled Chicken with Broccoli Salad – tastes even better when refrigerated overnight!
Friday – Irish Beef Stew

Here’s to a rocking new month! I hope these will be of help to you when you need some weekday meal inspiration.

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